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Old Folsom Wine

As is the case with any fine wine, much patience is required in order to fully enjoy the final product. Once the vines are planted, it takes three years before they become fully established and can start producing grapes with which to make wine.

“Terroir,” or the character and flavor of wine imparted by the soil, topography and climate of a vineyard, in addition to the nurturing care of the grower, is the most important part of a great wine. It is often said that “Great wine is made in the vineyard.” It is important for a grower and wine maker to remember that while one can make bad wine from great grapes, you can not make great wine from bad grapes. Accordingly, close attention and loving care must be given to each vine in an effort to create grapes of high quality and character.

Old Folsom Vineyards had its first of (hopefully) many bountiful harvests in the fall of 2010. With help from Eldon Nygaard of Valiant Vineyards, we pressed grapes on the spot in the vineyard. When it was all said and done the crop came in at a disappointing weight, as we had shared many grapes with the fine-feathered friends of the prairie. Nonetheless, a fair amount of juice was taken back for bottling as our first cuvée. We hope to have our first tasting in 2011.

Now we are looking forward to next year, because we can only get better at the process! To all of our friends and family (you know who you are) who have been so willing to help when we needed it, we can only say a big, heartfelt THANKS to you. Mike has put in the order for next spring's rootstock, and it looks like we'll be planting another 300 plants…if you would like to volunteer to help with future plantings, prunings, or harvests, send us an email, and we’ll be happy to have you.

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